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RDJ smut

Yet another RDJ smut blog because, let's face it, this man is so hot, there can actually never be enough of these.

Dear Robert, in case you ever stumble across this blog: we sincerely apologize.

When Catwoman Met Iron Man (or was it Dr. Strange?)

A Fortelling

He loomed over me, dark & menacing as I lay trembling with anticipation.

"So where do you want me to plant this motherfucker, your mouth, ass or pussy?"

He answered his own question.

"Your pussy of course, you’re dressed like a cat so it’s the obvious choice!"  and he rammed his huge member into me.

"Holy shit!"  I shouted, shooting up in bed, heart hammering.

"What’s the matter?"  my friend asked groggily, turning in her bed to face me.

"It’s ok, it was just a dream; a very peculiar dream."

Too weird for words

It was light outside, the clock read 07:40.

"Okay, today’s the day - let’s do it!"

I had won tickets for this year’s Comic Con in San Diego & we were bursting at the prospect of seeing our idols, Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill AKA Batman & Superman; we were DC nuts. My friend was a very convincing ‘Wonderwoman’ & I was a leather clad ‘Catwoman’ & together we headed to Comic Con, giggling like a couple of kids. The halls were rammed full of colourful characters all jostling to get to the prime spots. It was hot; stiflingly hot & I could feel sweat trickling down my back & breasts - the catsuit was very restricting. Shouting, pushing, shoving: then it all went black.

I awoke in a cool, dimly lit room. I was on a bed & my friend sat beside me holding my hand. A nurse was there too.

"Why am I here? What happened?"

"You fainted dear & so you must rest awhile."  replied the nurse.

"But I’ve gotta get back in there!"  I protested.

"Not an option, you’re under observation - Dr’s orders!" 

I found I hadn’t the strength to argue & told my friend to head back to the halls & not to waste time here. I fell asleep & dreamed again, my head whirling with weird images of strangely dressed people, Batman looking disgusted & Iron Man…

"Iron Man! what the hell?!"

"You called."  a deep voice spoke.

"What?"   I rolled onto my side & a dark haired man in a suit approached me carrying a small black case.


"No, I’m not a doctor but I’m up for anything."  he answered, switching on the main light illuminating the room & his face.

"Oh Lord, it’s you! You’re Iron Man!"

"Technically no, I’m Robert Downey Jr., but I can be anybody you want me to be, doctor, nurse, Tony Stark…"

"I’m still dreaming!"  I mumbled.

"Err, I don’t think so, I’m right here in the flesh, here feel." he said taking my hand & placing it on his chest. I could feel his heart beat, his toned pec muscles & the warmth of his body. My heart began to race.

'Holy fuck, what's happening here?!'  I thought.

My eyes met his; dark bewitching eyes that demanded my attention. He was quite gorgeous. He held my wrist firmly & there was concern in his voice as he spoke.

"Rapid pulse, clammy hand, clearly you are not yourself & therefore I shall be your doctor today.”

I swallowed hard, unable to tear my eyes from his face. I said nothing: I was incapable of speech. He began rotating his thumb inside my wrist & I shivered. Looking me up & down, he grinned.

"So who’ve you come as, Felix?"

"What? No! I’m Catwoman, you know from Batman."

"Ah, so you’re one of the Didn’t Come crowd."

"What?" (I wished I could stop saying’what’)

"DC, Didn’t Come, you know, hell, never mind!"

He was so flippant & I could feel the lust rising inside me; this man did things to a woman! His hand progressed up my arm, his smooth manicured fingers manipulating my skin. His eyes locked onto mine & his voice became serious.

"Cats are my favourite animal & whenever I encounter one I have to stroke it & fondle it, till it purrs endlessly & well you just happen to be a cat & so I’m just gonna have to make you purr."

He began stroking my hair, his fingers combing its length, then his lips kissed my neck making me squirm beneath him, his breath hot & the scent of his skin heady. I sighed deeply as his horny mouth met my mouth, tongue tangling with mine. Then he stopped kissing & held my chin, his face contorted & lustful as his dastardly plan took shape in his head.

"You wanna try my medicine honey?"  His voice was raw & oozed sex.

If I’d had any thoughts of running they’d flown years ago; I wanted him badly.

"But what if the nurse comes back?"

"Taken care of, door’s locked, room’s ours!" he replied with an evil smirk on his face. I gave him a look that ticked all of his boxes.

"One more thing honey, you ok for…well we don’t want any stray kittens do we?"  I nodded in agreement & consent.

"Well, let us proceed with the appropriate treatment!" 

Baptism by fire

Surreal: such an apt word for the bizarre situation I now found myself in. A 22 year old out for an experience of a lifetime, to see or even touch her superhero idol only to be subjected to this dangerous encounter with the enemy.

Sitting up I watched as he removed his jacket & tie & at how his dexterous fingers unbuttoned his expensive burgundy shirt revealing a body to melt the senses.

I sat gawping at him & he pushed me back down gently, climbed onto the bed & straddled me. His eyes never wavered as he unzipped my catsuit freeing my bare breasts which spilled into his hands.

"Oh my, what a lot to play with! Do you mind?" 

"Not at all!"   and he proceeded to knead my tits as if they were balls of dough. His wet tongue worked on each nipple making me groan & as he leaned over me I could feel his stiff erection on my hip. I slid my hand underneath him & rubbed his growing cock. He let out a loud moan & sat up, allowing me to unzip his pants. I took his cock in my hand & masturbated him rapidly, his shaft wet & engorged.

"Fuck baby, that is so good!”

His eyes were wild as they flashed at me & I knew this wasn’t going to be no ordinary fuck. Climbing off me he removed his clothes completely & stood before me, beautiful, naked & horny, his cock thick, long & rock hard. My eyes & mouth watered at the sight of it.

"Jesus, I need him inside me right now!"

Easing off my stiletto boots he rubbed the tip of his dripping cock on the soul of my left foot. I could feel his wetness & my breathing became erratic with longing. He peeled off the catsuit & ran his hands over my wanting body.

"So, you’re under observation which to my mind always requires a little exploratory procedure, so if you would just move down to the end of the bed…"   His bedside manner was so professional! I did as he asked & he began stroking my pussy.

"Such a cute & furry little kitty!" and inserted three fingers into my hot hole, making me gasp.

"My diagnosis is correct: A very wet pussy. Did I tell you I like cats?"

Before I could answer he’d replaced his fingers with his mouth, his lips sucking & his tongue: that fucking, delicious, demonic tongue; curled & flicked over my pulsating clit sending me completely over the edge.

I came on his face, pulling his head further into my cunt.

"Oh shit, oh fuck!"

"Why baby, you are so worked up! I think you require an injection to relax you.”

Then Iron Man hammered home his iron rod, long, hot & solid, straight into Catwoman making her yowl in unadulterated pleasure.

Thrusting deeply & relentlessly his cock was unearthly, stimulating every sense I owned as it began pile driving into me. I clutched at his perfectly formed iron ass, pulling him in harder & further. I was near to drowning.

"Oh Jesus, oh my fucking god!"

"So kitty cat, you ready to purr for me?"

"Fuck oh fuck, YES!"

He was in a total frenzy,snarling as his back arched, his devil eyes rolling, as his injection administered it’s medication.

"That’s it honey! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Conversion complete

"So what were you really doing in here?  I asked him as he zipped up my catsuit.

He tapped his black case.

"My herbal supplements, I was taking my next fix when I saw you asleep on the med bed & I thought ‘here’s a cat that needs a vet…’"

He opened his case & took out a white rose.

"Here kitty cat, for you; you deserve it!"

"I’ll treasure it always along with all your medical administration!"

He raised an eyebrow & smirked.

"So you gonna go seek out Ben now?"

"Ben who?"

He gave a perfect white smile

"Gotta fly, show to do. Avengers are to assemble!"

He kissed my head, squeezed my hand & gave a knowing wink as he left the room.


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Food for the imagination


Food for the imagination

The Many Interesting Adventures Of Principal Downey (Is it oral or aural? I can never remember)

He slouched in his chair staring blankly at the pile of paperwork that had accumulated on his desk. Shafts of sunlight streamed through the window, hi-lighting floating dust particles.

'Hell, it's so damn hot' he thought & he pulled at his tie, the silky fabric sliding easily as he unfastened it. His fingers then unfastened his shirt buttons to just below his toned chest. Blessed relief.

Glancing at the wall clock he noted the time: 3:45, just over two hours till he could leave.

'Best make the most of it'   he thought reluctantly.

Principal Robert Downey flicked through the papers & eventually picked one out for his attention & began reading.

A knock at the door.

"Come!" he called automatically without looking up from his reading.

The door opened & an attractive girl entered, perching herself on the front of his desk which made him look up in protestation. She looked very familiar.

"What are you doing Ellie?"

"I’ve come for my next lesson sir, just as you instructed me to."

She smiled knowingly at him, swinging a bare, tanned leg.

Robert’s mind raced as he looked her up & down, his deep brown eyes focusing on her curvy body.

'Shit! How could I have forgotten? he thought, as memories of how he fucked her over his desk last week came flooding back. Mind you, his work load had been immense & he had immersed himself in it, perhaps out of guilt for his actions.

As he recalled the events he found himself becoming aroused, his growing cock pressing uncomfortably against his pants. He remembered taking her virginity, how tight & fresh she was & the thrill he gave her & himself when he made her orgasm.

'Fucking hell!' he swore to himself, desperately trying to keep it together but quite obviously failing. His heart was hammering & his palms had become sweaty. Running them through his dark, tousled hair he turned his head to the window then back to the girl.

"So Ellie, lesson number two, just remind me of its content."

"All things oral you said sir. You are going to teach me how to suck your cock."

Robert almost choked on hearing her words & was shocked at how nonchalantly they spilled from her mouth. But if he was shocked he didn’t show it.

He rose from his chair & stood before her, his face only inches away from hers.

She felt his warm breath on her neck & his eyes seemed to penetrate her very being.

Her eyes scanned his face; the two-day stubble, the creases on his brow & his sensual, full mouth.

Seconds felt like hours: time eternal for carnal lust to manifest.

And then they lunged; mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue.

He held her head & forced her into him, his fingers raking her long hair as they ate each other.

She moved her lips to his neck & sucked gently making him moan & shiver.Taking advantage of his open shirt she descended to his chest, swirling her tongue around his nipples. She felt his back stiffen as she did so & she knew she had him.

Unfastening the remaining shirt buttons she proceeded to lick his flanks with long, lapping strokes, following the pattern of dark hair which led to her hidden goal.

Poking her tongue beneath the waistband of his pants, she swept it from hip to hip,painting his hot flesh with her saliva. Grunting feverishly, he pushed her head down to the now substantial bulge in his pants & she mouthed at it as if it were food.

Hastily, he unzipped his fly & pushed down his boxers freeing his rock hard cock. Before she could devour him he tilted her face to his.

"Okay honey, lesson starts here, but I wanna find out what you already know."

"Give me your verdict when I’ve finished sir."

She smiled sweetly at him & then began her lesson. She dropped to her knees & her one hand stroked his balls while the other held his thick length steady as she licked his shaft up to the head.

She heard him gasp as her tongue curled around the tip, tasting his pre-cum that oozed from it. His hands grasped at her hair as her hot lips cradled his end & then manoeuvred slowly down as she took him fully into her throat, moving back & forth with relish.

"Holy fuck, he’s gorgeous! I could suck on him day & night!" she thought lustily.

Robert was in another place; this girl was driving him wild, her mouth was so accomodating.

It was stifling in his office; perspiration trickled down his chest & he knew it wasn’t the sun’s doing.

She was non-stop & relentless with her mouth as it glided up & down his engorged cock.

"Jesus fucking Christ honey!" he growled.

He could feel himself coming, it surged through his body, releasing & exploding into her throat, his cock pumping out hot cum which she swallowed greedily.

He swore again & she felt his body quiver as he climaxed hard.

Robert was in a complete daze: she had brought him off with such fucking skill. Hell! he couldn’t ever remember it happening like that before, even when he was first married (but that’s another tale)

He straightened himself up then kissed her forehead.

"Did I do well sir?"  she asked, looking doe-eyed.

"You’re passed being educated Ellie, you’ve got your degree."

She looked a little disappointed.

"But I was hoping you’d teach me so much more sir."

"Oh don’t you worry honey, there are different angles to everything, we can work on a lot of things, you know, refine, polish…"

"So you’ll give me more lessons then?"

"Most definitely. Next week, Oral part two."

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Man of Iron

He enters the dark velvet bedroom, arc reactor glowing, pinpointing his body. He radiates intense heat & you smell the sky upon him. No words are spoken, the only sounds are the peculiar whirs & hisses from his armour as it removes itself from him. He steps out of it & into you, naked, his iron rod locating your dark shaft, penetrating & entering, his intrusion not unwelcome as he thrusts repeatedly, machine-like & with purpose. Now the room is filled with sound; incessant moans & sighs & growls as he takes you with him, soaring higher & higher, passing satellites & stars till you reach your pinnacle & then you descend with him, spiralling back to earth until he catches you in his muscular embrace. Your Iron Man has come home.

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The Many Interesting Adventures of Principal Downey - I Need Educating

They stood before him, stony faced & defiant.

“So is one of you going to tell me what the hell is going on?”


He looked enquiringly at both of them, his brown eyes willing them to speak.

"Well ok then, if that’s the way it’s going to be, I have no alternative but to suspend you both for one week."

"Hey, that is so unfair!"

"Ah, so you do have a voice Mike."

"Yeah & let me say it’s all her fault!" he shouted, pointing a finger at the girl standing next to him.

"What d’y a mean it’s all my fault?" she retorted, fury flashing in her eyes.

"You know exactly what I mean bitch!"

"Ok, knock it off, both of you!"

"But he…"

"No Ellie, that’s enough!" He barked

They fell silent & faced him. He got up & walked to the front of his desk, running his hand through his dark hair, a look of exasperation & weariness on his handsome face. School had just finished & he had a long night before him.
He glanced at the girl, taking in her womanly features, his quick mind visualising her standing naked before him. He dragged his mind back to the current situation.

"So what’s with the wrestling I witnessed in the corridor earlier?"

"She hit me because I asked her straight about rumours of another guy."

Principal Robert Downey looked from one to the other, the girl staring at the carpet, aggression gone.

"So what’s your take on this Ellie?"

"I’d rather speak to you about this alone sir." She replied with a hint of pleading in her voice & in her eyes.

Robert stared back, hesitating before he answered; he had an uncomfortable feeling growing inside him.

"Very well, Mike leave us please, I’ll catch up with you later."

Mike frowned at him then Ellie & stalked out of his office.

"So what is it that you can tell me but not Mike?"

Ellie’s hazel eyes looked directly into his brown, a wave of boldness swept through her & she moved closer to him, leaving only inches between them. He could smell her cheap perfume & glimpsed an ample breast beneath her low cut t shirt: he felt his pulse begin to race.

"That other guy that Mike mentioned, it’s you."

Robert swallowed hard, he tried telling himself he’d misheard her but he knew EXACTLY what he’d heard.

"Who me?" He blurted out laughing nervously.

"Me? Don’t be absurd Ellie!"

"I’m not being absurd, you are so fucking hot & you make me so horny, hell, you really do it for me sir. I can’t concentrate in lessons & when I see you around school I could just…"

'Holy fucking shit!' He thought to himself. 'Why me? It's always me!'

"Hey, whoa! This is way out.of line!"

Robert held his palm up to her & tried to back away but his desk prevented him; he was stuck between it & Ellie who seeing his predicament, took advantage. She yanked on his tie pulling his face down to hers. Her full lips found his & she forced open his hot mouth with her tongue. He pulled away from her & his deep brown eyes darted over her face: and then he became master & commander, his lust taking over, going against all his principles as he lunged at her, pulling her face into his, his fingers raking her hair as his lips smothered hers.

He stopped abruptly.

"How old are you Ellie?" he rasped.

"Almost nineteen sir." giving him the green light.

"That’s good enough for me!" And he frog marched her to the door, turning the key, locking it.

Pinning her against the door, his hands roamed over her slender body, fondling her tits & pert ass as she moaned loudly.

She could feel his growing cock on her belly, desperate to embed itself inside her. Instinctively, her hand found it & she rubbed it vigorously sending him wild. Swiftly he unbuckled his belt & unzipped his pants giving her direct access to his huge throbbing dick. She took it in her small hand & began masturbating him with such skill he thought he’d come straight away.

"Jesus fucking Christ honey!" he swore, removing her hand.

She looked at him, a smirk on her face. Perspiration glistened on his forehead.

"You ok sir?" she sang

"You fucking little minx, come here!" he growled. "I’ll show you I’m ok!" And he grabbed her wrists pulling her to him.

"You gonna teach me a lesson sir?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Oh I’m gonna teach you alright, even if it takes fifty lessons. You’ll have a fucking PHD when I’ve finished with you!"

He manoeuvred her to his desk, draping her face down over it. Rolling down her panties he parted her legs & stroked her ass. She gasped as he inserted his fingers into her pussy.

"Oh my god!" she whined as he pushed & rotated, feeling her hot, wet cunt.

"This your first time sweetheart?"

"Yes & how lucky I am that you’ll be number one!"

""You sure?"

"Fuck yes, do it to me now!" she demanded.

Placing the tip of his cock at her entrance, he gently but purposefully pushed himself into her making her cry out in surprise & in the slightest amount of pain.

"Oh sir!" she whimpered.

"You ok honey? You want me to stop?"

“Christ no, it’s fucking wonderful!”

Robert was relieved; the thought of finishing himself off was not particularly appealing at that moment.

"Ok, brace yourself baby" and holding onto her hips, began thrusting, slowly at first. How blissfully tight she was, enveloping his cock like a rubber glove, her increasing wetness making it easier for him all the time. He slid back & forth inside her, getting faster, ramming into her as she moaned & groaned in unadulterated pleasure.

He moved his mouth to her ear.

"This ok for you honey or do you want educating more?" he snarled.

"It’s fucking lovely but there’s always room for more education!" She panted.

So he slammed into her harder, his cock pile driving, making her orgasm beneath him, her cries of ecstasy sending him into a frenzy. He felt his cum rising & pulled out, shooting his load over her back. He took off his shirt & cleaned her up with it, then sat her on his knee & kissed her.

He looked at her sternly.

"Lesson one over, lesson two will be all things oral, a guide to using your mouth effectively in any given situation. Shall we say same time next week?"

She nodded enthusiastically & he smacked her ass as she hopped off his lap.

"Principal Downey, you are so knowledgeable & wise, if only the other teachers were as good as you."

'Thank fuck they're not!' He thought wryly.

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Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall in The Judge

Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall in The Judge

Work hard, Play hard

It had been a rough day at work and it was nice to be back home.

“Honey, I’m home!” I shouted from the front door.

In front of me was a spacious entrance hall, stairs and on the right side of the stairs there was doorway that led into the living room. I heard vacuum cleaner’s loud noise, which soon stopped.

"Hello dear." I heard a happy voice from the living room.

I took off my jacket to the rack and walked in the direction of the voice.

I saw Robert carrying the vacuum cleaner to the cleaning closet. He was wearing loose light blue pants. Few sweat drops ran through his muscular body and his golden brown hair was all messy and fluffy.

I looked into his beautiful brown eyes for a moment and then down his perfect body.

"How was your day?" Robert said.

I wondered for a moment.

"It was kinda boring." I told.

Robert was standing a few feet away from me, but now he walked over to me.

I gazed him smiling.

“Did you clean the whole house, sweetie?”

“Yup, pretty much.” he answered smiling.

“That’s so sweet of you.”

He wrapped his arms around me. His bare body pressed against mine. I kissed him passionately. His tongue was deep in my throat.

I was wearing a shirtwaist, which he soon unbuttoned and then I just had my bra away.

He smirked and removed my bra also.

Now we were both shirtless.

I pushed him on the couch and I started kiss him down his body.

I bit his neck, which left marks. He gasped. Soon I find his nipples and I licked them.

Suddenly his mobile phone was ringing on a table next to the couch.

“I gotta answer.”

He looked down on what I was doing before he answered the phone.

I was kissing down a line of hair which led me down to his crotch and sweatpants.

He was all uncomfortable, because he was still on the phone. I pulled his pants and boxers off revealing his hardening cock.

I grinned at him and I started to lick the tip of his member. His emotions told me to go on, so I did.

As I stroked his hard cock and squeezed his balls, he gasped on the phone loudly.

“I have to go.” he quickly said on the phone out of breath.

“You’re so naughty!” he said with a low voice.

He stretched his hand to the table to put his phone away.

In that time I removed rest of my clothes and I bit his earlobe.

He turned around and smirked as he discovered my naked body.

Robert lowered his hand down my stomach. He pressed his palm against my vagina and he rubbed my clit with his fingers. I was crying in pleasure.

“You’re so wet.” he moaned tonguing my open mouth.

He kneeled in front of me on the carpet. As he went down on the floor I gazed his glorious ass and bit my lower lip.

He buried his face in my pussy licking my clit. I messed with his hair and grabbed his head up:

“Don’t make me come yet, sweetie.” I whispered.

He sat back on the couch as his fully erect cock was pointing upwards.

I moved on the table and opened one of the drawers.

“Where are the rubbers?” I asked.

“I dunno. I guess we have used them all.” He grinned.

I finally found a one and put it on his hard cock.

I moved on him. He wasn’t inside me yet. His cock was pressing against between my thighs slowly moving to my entrance as he was kissing me.

I moaned in pleasure as he soon find my wet entrance.

Robert pressed himself against me and he was deep inside of me. I dug my nails in his back leaving red marks.

He moved back almost off me and then again deep inside me a few times. His hardness was killing me, but when he hit my spot, I came like a typhoon. He noticed that and he came also releasing his juices into the condom.

No words could describe that moment, it was so amazing.

He removed the condom and got up to throw it away.

I was still lying on the couch, when he came back.

"Should we do that again in bed?" he asked and kissed my cheek.

"Sure." I laughed and grabbed his hand.


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Pearls for June

The time on the grandfather clock read 5:35-only twenty five minutes till closing. It had been a hectic day in the jewellers & she was glad the day was drawing to a close. Her assistant was removing the display trays from the windows.

"Leave that Karen, you get off home."

The assistant thanked her, collected her coat & left.

She was just transferring the last tray of rings to the back safe when she heard the door tinkle open.

"What you forget?" she shouted, walking back into the store. She was startled to find not her assistant, but a very familiar looking, dark haired & very handsome man.

"Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were my assistant, Karen but clearly you are not!"

"No honey, I’m not, although I have on occasion worn women’s attire." he drawled.

She stared at him, trying to comprehend his words. His eyes were deepest brown & glittered mischievously.

"Wait a minute," she pointed a finger at him. "I know you, you’re that famous actor aren’t you?"

"Robert Downey Jr in the flesh!" he grinned.

Her mind wandered & she looked him up & down subconsciously, visualising him in just his flesh. He was stunning. She swallowed hard.

"Yes, of course you are, hi, how may I help you, bearing in mind it is almost closing time?" Her heart had suddenly started to thud.

"Yeah, sorry about that but it’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow & I want something real special. Your store was recommended to me, so I was wondering If I could take a look?"

'Take a look, Jesus Christ! You can view me inside & out!' she thought incoherently.

"Sure, as long as you don’t mind coming through to the back, I’ve just put the stock away."

"Not a problem honey, lead the way."

"I’ll just lock the door first." & as she passed him his fingers brushed her arm lightly sending shivers through her & alarmingly, shocks right through her pussy.

'Holy shit, I need him to fuck me raw & roughly!' she thought.

They went through to the back.

"So what do you have in mind Mr Downey?"

"Call me Robert."

"Ok Robert, what sort of jewellery does your mom like?"

"Well her birthday is obviously June, so I guess pearls would be a good call, maybe matching earrings & necklace, money not being an issue you understand?"

"Ok, I may have just what you’re after."

His dark, liquid eyes stared intently into hers, bewitching her mind & body, robbing her of any independent & rational thought.

"I’m sure, in fact I know you have exactly what I’m after.” he rasped.

In a trance-like state she climbed a pair of steps & pulled out a wooden tray, then another.

"Yes, here we are, take a look at this."

"I am looking & very much like what I see!"   he said menacingly.  

And he slid his hand under her skirt making her jump as it snaked up her inner thigh, fondling & stroking. Before she could object, his fingers had found her panties & moving them aside he buried two fingers inside her, pushing & feeling the hot, wet interior of her cunt.

She moaned uncontrollably, forgot the tray & let him proceed. he peeled down her panties & climbed the steps till his face reached her butt. Turning her round he pushed her skirt up over her hips, parted her thighs & began exploring her clit with his chameleon’s tongue. Her one hand held onto the steps, while the other clutched at his hair as he lapped like a thirsty cat.

"Oh my fucking god! That is so good!"    she whimpered, her body becoming limp & useless as he made her orgasm.

He plucked her off the steps & held her to him, his hot, horny mouth forcing itself upon hers, kissing her with urgency, his hands roaming over her trembling, submissive body.

The erection in his pants was huge & throbbing; she could feel it moving against her belly, desperate to escape it’s confinement. With ease & speed she released said splendid cock  & caressed it with her lips. A growl escaped his throat as her mouth slid along his length & her tongue curled around its girth.

"Fuck baby, that is golden!"      he panted, pushing her head down gently, encouraging her to go deeper which she obligingly did, unable to get enough of his gorgeous dick.

Reluctantly he pulled out of her oscillating mouth & looked sternly at her, pointing to the floor.

"Shit baby, you’re amazing, but I need you down here, right now!"

She did as he commanded, lay on her back & with a satanic smirk, he plunged his cock into her pussy, pushing & thrusting like a jack hammer, grinding as though digging for gold.

She orgasm’d again, screeching his name & clawing at his back, her whole body convulsing.

He tore off her blouse & discarded her bra.

Removing his dripping cock from her hole, he placed it between her tits, her hands squeezing them together.

He pumped frantically, grunting like a deranged bull, the tip of his cock hitting her chin.

She watched his face as he neared climax, his eyes rolled as he erupted over her neck & chest, his body shuddering as he swore & then collapsed.

"Honey, you have a new piece for your collection; a beautiful pearl necklace, rare & one of a kind!" 

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May I ask you where the gif with robert rubbing his chest all naked is from? I have been searching for it so long and I just cant find where it is from. ;c

That is from a film called Restoration if I assuming the gif is him in front of the mirror. 

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