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RDJ smut

Yet another RDJ smut blog because, let's face it, this man is so hot, there can actually never be enough of these.

Dear Robert, in case you ever stumble across this blog: we sincerely apologize.

Art & Desire

You’re a young, attractive school teacher & for a few weeks now you’ve noticed your boss, Principal Downey, giving you the ‘come on’ with his ‘you know you want it badly’ eyes.

Whenever & wherever you encounter him, be it in the hall, the gym or in the corridors, he makes it quite clear that he wants to fuck you senseless. Oh, but you are quite willing, the man is a sex god after all, but opportunity hasn’t raised its head; until now.

You are in your classroom about to teach an art lesson; you realise you need more paint & so you tell the kids to start drawing while you enter the art stockroom adjoining the classroom.

A hand covers your mouth, the other holds you tightly. You panic, then recognise the distinctive aftershave - panic over but your heart is still banging. He is in there, in the darkness, hiding! He locks the door & pulls you to him, his hands wandering over your trembling body. He kisses you violently, almost knocking you over, his beard like sandpaper on your skin, his tongue like an eel in your mouth. You have no time to protest, you don’t want to anyway. Oh my god! Can this really be happening?

MILITARY EXERCISE: No time to lose

Hand up skirt, hand down pants, underwear removed. Children laughing, teachers petting. Wet & waiting, cocked weapon ready. 


He bends you over & plunges his cock-of-Satan into your begging hole, making you gasp. He masks it with his hand & begins to thrust into you, hard & meaningfully. You clutch the stockroom shelves for support as he rams into you, grunting like a rampant bull.


His cock is like a machine, rhythmic & relentless, pounding you as if on a production line. The kids are wild, unsupervised, knocking on the door.

Muffled moaning, juices flowing, teachers fucking, children banging: almost done, release at last! ‘Oh my fucking god!’

Shaking bodies, satisfied smiles.

The relief, the danger, the thrill!

He kisses you passionately, you tidy yourself up, glowing inside. Time to dish out some discipline to those unruly kids!

"I’m so sorry to have kept you children, the stockroom door jammed shut mysteriously. Mr Downey has a spare key, I’ll ask him to come by later & check it out. Now, who needs paint?"

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Maybe I'm dirty but I wanna lick and suck his dick so bad.I just can't stop he so sexy ..

Just imagine swallowing his hard, throbbing cock and wrapping your lips around it. And how you start slowly moving, taking him into your warm mouth as deeply as you can while he grabs your head and starts guiding you…

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     ”I told you no red,”  he said quietly to Gem.

     “I know, she whimpered.

     “What happens when you forget to wear blue or black?” he gently asked. His warm sienna-brown eyes met hers, lovingly gentle.

Gem whimpered. She knew enough to answer him. Promptly.

     “You tie me up for it.”

     “That’s right. I don’t want to have to, but you leave me no choice, honey.”

Gem’s eyes swept his gorgeous form. He was cocky, leisurely striding from the bed. He turned to look at her exposed form on the soft, lofted bed.

Reaching to his neck, he deftly unties and pulls his necktie from his collar with an evil ‘ziiinggg’. He takes his time to unbutton his shirt, then slowly removes it. All the while, he intently gazes at her, ravishing her with his raptor-like eyes.

The reactor is like a pulse, a powerful reminder: because of it, Tony is tireless. He is like a piston, his endurance far surpassing Gem’s capability. Fully erect, his unzipped pants fail to restrain him within. Staring at his huge rigid cock, despite what lies ahead for her, thrills Gem beyond measure.

Perhaps tonight is the night he impregnates me, she thinks deliciously. 

Gem was panting, her body excited. She felt a hard pulsing deep in her pussy, her body accelerating in anticipation of his disciplinary fucking of her. Her heart beat loudly in her chest and in her ears. She pants as he slowly approaches her, his black pants clinging to top of that spectacularly muscled ass. He strokes his heavy, thick member, threatening her with it’s power.

In his relaxed hand he drags the tie, and moves across the bed to her.

Gem submissively holds her hands up for him. His eyes are soft and loving as he ties them together. Pulling her hands above her head to secure to the headboard, his face moves close to her, his warm minty breath blowing strands of hair from her face. Opening, she sees his moist tongue, and her tongue slips out to meet it. Gem just needs one more sweet taste of that blackberry flavor of his mouth……

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An Easter Prayer

Dear Lord, please answer my prayer.

Send RDJ down to me wearing only his cowboy hat, boots & a big fuck-off erection. Equip him with a horse whip, gun, lasso & a fat cigar which I’ll ram up his gorgeous ass for being such a fucking, teasing whore. (Forget the gun, he’s got his own high calibre weapon.) Let me whip him (not too hard) till he begs for mercy then make him lick my dripping hole as penance.

Give him the lasso & command him to rope me in like a young mare, then mount me & ride me raw, like a fucking stallion, till his cocked weapon releases its ammunition into its intended target.

Let me help him reload by polishing & cleaning his weapon with my drooling mouth so it is again at full cock & ready.

Lord, I’m only a meek, wanting woman, it’s not too much to ask for.


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I really need more Robert/Reader detailed smut. So sexy~


You better get ready then…

That tie removal - bedroom bondage (oh, the possibilities!)

I really need more Robert/Reader detailed smut. So sexy~

You better get ready then…

What about hard smut in classroom or bathroom ? And I lovee ur account so so so much :)) ♡

Sounds both fantastic! While we’re re-organizing our workflow (yes, smut is a serious business, especially when it’s about the God of sex himself), if someone has such a story or feels like writing one, please do so and submit it to us. We welcome all contributions.

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Morning Wood

      You awake in an unknown room with no recollection of how you got there or how you ended up at — wait. You look down at yourself, realizing the black dress was now on the floor, along with your lacy bra and matching panties. Scattered. 

      You then see a man’s shirt, a shirt you have never even seen before. Your eyes divert to the jeans that looked as if it was carelessly thrown into a corner… Following the boxer briefs that your eyes definitely caught.

      "What in the hell happened last night?," you ask yourself.

      Suddenly, you hear snoring. Very loud snoring. You are afraid to turn around, but at the same time, your curiosity within yourself is building at its all time high. You want to see who this man is. You want to know what happened last night in full detail rather than seeing clothes scattered on the carpeted floor. 

      But before you have decided to turn around, you feel an arm drape over your waist. You were spooning. You only reserved spooning for those you knew. Though, it was odd. You felt safe. You felt warm, comfortable. He was snuggling against you as if this was a normal routine for two strangers.

      However, before you can relax and close your eyes, you feel something press against your lower back. You gasp, but quietly. Very quietly. The lack of clothing can make you feel everything. The length. The warmth. You were yearning to recreate what happened last night, or at least what you assumed happened last night.

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- RDJ Smut Admin Team

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Hook Up

Warning: Mature situations and language. Mention of molestation in jest during intimate encounter.

I arrive at the upper level suite. The door is left ajar, the chrome security latch shoved out so I won’t need a key card to enter. Pushing in and locking the door, I move into a sitting area, putting my messenger bag in a chair. The room is opulent, beautiful. Lovely modern furniture, the decor perfect, all in blacks, camels and creams. The drapes are a beautiful scarlet chintz, nicer than any I could afford. A large arrangement of fresh flowers are on the table in the center of the room. It smells wonderful in here.

        “Aren’t you afraid someone will break in and attack you?” I call, as I make my way through the sitting room, winding my way to the back of the suite, towards the bedroom.

The bedroom apartment is even more opulent, majestic drapes hanging from the ceiling in front of the windows and to either side of the magnificent headboard.

The centerpiece of the room is the huge mahogany four poster bed.

He is reclining on the bed’s soft bedding, several large ticked pillows all around and under him. He is naked to the waist, a big hotel towel wrapped around his lower half. Fresh from a shower I suspect, his damp hair hangs in tendrils to his neck; he looks different than I’ve ever seen him. I hadn’t noticed before how long his hair had gotten.

Only he would be ballsy enough to shower with the hotel door unlocked.

Lying there, Robert Downey Jr looks like the cat that ate the canary.

He has a smirk on his face, as he is eating an apple. His naked feet relaxed on the bed, his toes are wriggling.

        “Hungry?” he provocatively asks, offering himself. I laugh softly, and shake my head at him, at his antics.

All scrubbed and sweet smelling, he did look tasty.

Not only had I not slept with him since that night in May, I had not slept with anyone since then. People who know me are not surprised to hear this. I am not what you would call a frequent dater.

However, I realize now that I am flushed with want for him.

My simple white Van Heusen shirt I left unbuttoned suggestively, purposefully. A black lace bra peeked out. I packed my snuggest jeans to wear on just an occasion as this. I was so aware of how the Coach heels that I am wearing thrust my pelvis, provocatively, forward.

Slowly chewing a bite of apple, he studies me with his dark eyes. Walking closer to the bed, I can see those lashes, that masculine face with the scruff. I love the lines trailing from his eyes and his mouth. I see the flecks of freckles across his nose, the subtle smirk that begins, then curls at the side of his handsome mouth. A few drying strands of hair- finally free from studio stylists- fall forward in his eyes, recalling pictures from his youth. I stood close beside him, drinking him in. I feel my nipples tighten.

        “Come to bed,” he whispers to me. He strokes the place beside him softly, invitingly. He can’t take his eyes off me. He swallows then drops the rest of the apple to the floor. His look is very serious.

        “You have left me a thirsty man for too long.”

I slip my fingers in my right pocket, take out three condoms and toss them on the bed beside his pillow. I unbutton, then slide the jeans down my legs, kick off the red suede heels. I slide in,  straddling him. Already, he has the dirtiest smirk on his face. He is enjoying this too much, already.

       “Now that’s what I’m talking about,” he says cockily.

        “Are you ready for this?” I suggestively ask. His big hands caress my thighs, under the hem of my shirt. “It may make for a long night.” He intently looks at me, his black eyes sparkling. He was working his jaw again, giving me a duck face. He was hot and bothered, alright. 

        “I busted a nut earlier. I’m in it for the night.” And with that, he arches up, gaffing my hot crotch with that hard dick of his, bringing all the sweet memories back. A soft moan escapes my throat, without my control.

Holy shit. I felt the chill all the way to my nipples.

He always had a blunt way of putting things. He is a man of two extremes: no shit Downey, and all shit Downey.

For a fleeting second I feel a flash of trepidation at the intensity of his look and the reality of what will certainly happen. My heart rate quickly begins to accelerate.

He engulfs me in a hug, holding me against his naked torso. One thigh peeked suggestively from the large fluffy towel. His hair, still damp, hung in ringlets from his head, the dry hair strands hanging in his eyes. He rubs his cheek against mine, kissing me leisurely, his tongue gently probing, then thrusting with my invitation. The exciting thrill of his mouth commanding mine arouses me to my core. I love to hear those soft growls he makes in his throat, as he does at times like these. He is so, so sensory. I just can’t get enough of him.

He smells of finely crafted soap and shampoo. His mouth, a mysterious flavor of wild berries, cigarettes and mint, is titillating and delicious.

Big forearms held me securely. He arches up against me again. I feel how hard he is. His voice is deep and soft as he whispers to me.

         “I’ve had morning wood all day, thinking of molesting and pillaging you.”

Oh, he’s a charmer with his pillow talk.

I so want him. More than anything. But with sexual arousal, he has a raptor-like quality to his actions that can be intimidating- especially if he is really turned on. I had forgotten this intensity, and was a little nervous.

He watches me as his hands travel under my shirt. His eyes are wide when he verifies I am, indeed,  without panties.

        “Oh, you bad girl,” he mouths. I’m instantly wet. His fingers touch gently, tenderly over my slick folds, a finger tip occasionally striking my sensitive nodule, making me jump a little. Leisurely, he slips his finger in, testing. I don’t know what’s sexier: the sweet sensation of his stroking broad finger, or the naughty way he bites his bottom lip as he does so. He studies my reactions intently, his expression of rapt concentration. I feel his cock grow and move under me. I know he won’t be able to tolerate this position for long.

He unbuttons my shirt all the way, pushing it open. He explores the cups of my demi bra with his fingers, the fabric barely contains my breasts within. His breathing was quickening.

        “Should I take it off? Or leave it?” I ask.

He bit his lower lip, his whiskers bristling and spiny. He thinks about this.

        “Take it off.”

He helps me get free from my shirt, then watches as I reach around and unclasp my bra. His hands go to my upper arms as he slowly lowers the garment from my body. I know its time to stop restraining the movement at his crotch. I lean in and kiss him, then slide forward so a breast teases  his hungry lips. I bury my face into the crown of his head, just inhaling all that is him. He engulfs half of my breast into his hot mouth, suckling deeply.

Good boy.

The sensation makes me groan. I know I had to have him now. I can wait no longer.

He has his knees bent, the towel having fallen off. Still wolfing my breast down, he pushes with his legs against the bed, seeking my entrance with his feverish need.

I grab a condom. Reaching behind me, I can just reach his upright rod, and stroke it snugly. He is moist already, and the wet warmth has a thrilling effect on me. He feels so firm and rigid, the veiny surface making me ache for him. I am sad he will be sheathed; I really wanted all of him in me. His hard feel is delicious- but so is his hot spray.

I am breathless that he is so ready for me, that I arouse him like this.

With one hand and teeth, I rip open the package and pull out the rubber.

I break his wet suckling to my tit with my pinkie finger. He takes the condom from me and expertly rolls it down his rigid penis. He is feverish with need, panting in arousal, his hands trembling. He strokes the backs of my thighs, my ass and the hot slick source of my aching desire. I stroke him, stretching my hand with his girth. My mouth waters as I wiggle on him, straining to get on top of him. I watch his eyes, as we both know we will again experience this sweet, snug spell. He can see how much I want him, and he gives me a sexy smile.

        “Fuck me.” He demands hotly.

Lowering myself on his broad tip, I give him that look. He knows which one.

I think he’ll hurt me with how thick he is, but I am crazy with want for him. He coaxes me.

        “Common’, honey,” he purrs, “fuck it, I’ll take care of you…” gently he grasps my hips and guides me onto his head, arching again to make electric contact with that hard cock.

        “Oh, shit…” he moans, as I drive my pelvis down on him, pushing him to the mattress. I am electrified by the sweet tension and torturous pressure stretching me beyond any memory of his body before. He feels mind-blowingly delicious, the voltage of him within me making me gasp. My motion is just enough that my clitoris is rubbed near senseless by his scruffy hair at the south end of his happy trail. Just thinking of his belly is so sexy to me. I lovingly stroke the swirling hair at his belly button.

But, I can’t wait, I need his stroking, now. I begin thrusting onto him, driving my body quickly to a torturous climax, grasping at him with my hands and with my slippery-tight sheath within.

He is a God, witnessing me worship him with my body, as I reverently consume the pleasure from it. His hands beautifully upturned and splayed out on the bed, he looks like a King receiving the homage of his servant. His lovely throat is exposed, his head back in ecstasy. I watch his Adams apple move up, then down, as he labors to swallow.

I ride him as hard as I am able, my thigh muscles screaming with the effort. I need to extinguish this fire- or combust from its flame, the moans from my lips are rasping and tortured. I feel the heavy jolt of my breasts, with every downward thrust.

Heavy and developed, finally he pushes up with his thighs and glutes, thrusting his hips up to begin meeting my strokes, the delicious pain and pleasure consuming my being. I no longer exist on this planet. I am alive only conjoined to him. His breaths are rasps and I see his lips slightly parted, lids heavy over his sparkling black eyes. He is salivating from his arousal, all thoughts to even swallowing gone, as he focuses only on his need to ejaculate.

Grasping at my waist, his heavy hands force my soft, wet opening onto him, driving me down onto his stiff cock. I fall forward and cry out as I orgasm, looking at his beautiful face tortured with pleasure, his pout unbelievably sexy.

          “Shit…” he rasps suddenly, opening his eyes wide in surprise with his sudden hot eruption. Grunting, he is mechanically thrusting violently, uncontrollably.  Bucking erratically, he is holding me pressed against his lovely slick pelvis, finishing me with his spiral downward.       

        “Oh, fuck”, he quietly whimpers, blinking.  My heart fills for him.

His body quiets and he smiles, panting. After a short while, he is back.

        “See, I didn’t kill you,” he says, and he softly laughs.

        “Maybe I killed you,” I gently tease. He gives me a lovely smile.

I lean over and kiss him lovingly. As I begin to move off him slowly, I feel him catch at the rubber, and pinch it off his member. I smell his sweat, his sweet skin, rub my cheek on his stubble- gray and grown long now for the film. He is still out of breath. I laugh softly.

        “Looks like I won that one. You are still out of breath.”

He laughs, and just looks at me. His face is so sweet and innocent in his release, panting slightly. He leans his head back on the headboard.

I move off the bed, kiss his neck. His hand absently goes to my face, then drops to the bed. I gather my things for the shower, and take the filled condom in to the bathroom trash….

- Chapter 2, ‘Sherlock’